Sunday, January 6, 2013

Technique Junkie

I will admit freely admit it. I am an addict. New techniques? I'm there. I have been obsessed with mixed media work for 20 years. The problem with this obsession is that I don't always consider design and layout, focal points, colors, or composition and I go flying off to try the latest and greatest techniques. Even if they have been in use by artists for 50 years, they are new to me. This piece below is a prime example.

I was so excited while I was creating this piece that I basically lost my mind and any direction. I was out of control. Only after the fact did I even begin to consider some type of layout, and the outside mat had to be created as an afterthought. Sometimes I enjoy the challenge of putting odd bits together and trying to make them cohere, and other times I wish I could plan ahead!

Whatever. I have tried to operate differently, but I seem to be completely incapable of changing my creative process. So I just go with it.......