Monday, January 14, 2013

Small Faces #21---Stone

Through trial and error methods, I was able to create this piece to add to my Small Faces series.

I was pleased with myself to be able to create this piece and make it look like stone. It took me some little while to achieve this effect, but now I know exactly what to do in the future because I wrote it all down and added it to my Small Faces Class and my Mixed Media Class. What a happy day!!


  1. Love your new blog. Sorry I haven't been to class lately.I haven't been on top of my game. Getting old is not for sissies, that's for sure.

    1. BTW I really like your stone treatment of your small face piece.

    2. No worries, kiddo! The first week of 2013 was not a good one for me, either. I had an ambulance and paramedics here trying to convince me to go to the hospital (my dumbass neighbor called them, not me), a toilet overflowed, my van refused to start and I had to call a tow truck...every single day that first week there was some ruckus to deal with and all I could think was that I just had to tough it out and eventually I would get my quiet and boring life back to normal. By the 5th day and 5th calamity, I finally started laughing because it was so outrageous. A few days later, nothing bad happened and I finally felt the black cloud lift and 2013 began to look GOOD.

      Glad that you like the stone face. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. There were a few misfires along the way, but nothing went really wrong with this piece that I couldn't fix. Amazing!

    3. Paramedics tried to convince you to go to the hospital??? Why? I hope everything is okay!

  2. worries. I am fine!