Friday, January 25, 2013

Bottle Babe #6

When I began this piece 6 days ago, it was inspired by American Horror Story. This weekly tv show is utterly violent, macabre and horrific and I was mesmerized with it this winter. Normally, I would not be interested in entertainment like this, so I surprised myself by watching it alone, in the dark, and not getting scared half to death. I used to be a total chicken and for two weeks after I saw the movie, Exorcist, I could not sleep.

This week I became enchanted and fascinated with the history of Egypt. There were a series of documentaries on the History channel and this Bottle Babe took an unexpected turn in the direction of Egyptian art. The influence is there, but not the hieroglyphics. I simplified my design considerably from what I had first intended for this one.

I was planning to add some red "blood" to the piece last week under the American Horror Story influence, but this week under the Egyptian influence she is devoid of blood. Speaking of the Egyptian influence, this first one that I did last year definitely was inspired by Egyptian art.

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