Thursday, January 17, 2013

Art History

Here is my new home schooling book. heheheh

The first and last time that I took an Art History class, I got an F. I was mortified. History was never a strong subject for me, but I could care less who had painted The Blue Boy all those years ago. That was then. This is now.

I feel very differently about life and history today. There is much to be learned from knowing what happened before, so I bought this book to begin my very own home schooling project. What is lovely about this particular Art History book is that it doesn't cover only the art of Europe. Believe it or not, peoples in other parts of the world have been making art since the beginning.

Lucky me! I get to travel on the wings of the world, increase my education, and look at wonderful artworks along the way. In my pajamas. Brilliant.


  1. Love that! I love books and have a ginormous collection I would never ever part with. Well, maybe some of them. But you know what I mean. Ooooops - I'm probably cutting into your school time! Sorry! ;o) ~deb

    1. It will take me months to get thru this book, DM. I can't stay focused long enough to power straight thru it. Dry reading.

      I used to own 70 art technique books, but I finally sold over half of them because I rarely opened them anymore. I love art technique books!!!!!!