Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do You Journal?

I used sketchbooks for many years, but in recent years they have become something else entirely. They are now more of a finished piece. A statement of something. I like to follow themes when I do them now.

10 years ago I carried my sketchbook with me constantly since I was in and out of hospitals and doctors' offices routinely.  Someone that I loved dearly was dying, so I was attempting to maintain my sanity in the only way that I knew how.

Normally with my artwork I go completely overboard on color but all the drawings and sketches during this time period were done in black and white.  It was simply too exhausting to consider colors.  I was already drained from crying every day, and the black and white also signified how hard I was trying to keep my composure.

Today I decided to return to one of these old journals and add some text and colors to one of the sketches.  I made up a story for this woman.  I might just do this to more of these old sketches.  It was fun!

Here is another one. Claude.


  1. I only have one journal and have been having fun with it, but I like to work on lose pages better.
    I love how they look, but I feel stressed somehow to finish the whole thing fast, then I get blocked lol :oP

  2. I know what you mean, Martha. I have enough unfinished artwork piled up in here already. Journals? argh!!!

  3. Fabulous idea and it must be very theraputic as well , i l love going back to old journals and adding to them or jazzing them up a bit , i like journals because loose sheets get packed away and forgotten , sort of ...

    hugz bev

    1. This is my first time with upgrading old journals, Bev. I've pulled out my water soluble oil pastels and I'm coloring away and having a whee of a time.

  4. great its what i do when im floundering and my muse is off elsewhere lol