Friday, December 7, 2012

Small Faces Online Class

This summer I began a new series that I call Small Faces. This video shows you the first 15 or so pieces that I created. I have since added another 5 pieces to this series and also began a new series that I call Bottle Babes.

This is a photo of some of the Bottle Babes prior to decorating and finishing them. I have 9 pieces in progress for this series.

Last night I came up with another idea for a new series called Book Worms. When am I going to get that one started? No clue. I work very slowly, unfortunately, so like most artists I cannot keep up with the ideas that I have. When I try to pour the coal on and work longer and faster, I don't enjoy myself because it feels like a J-O-B. Now there is nothing wrong with having a job, but at this point in my life I want to enjoy my art and not feel like I am working hard. Does that make sense? I don't consider myself to be a professional artist because I am a dabbler and I get bored too easily.

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