Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ann's Collage

This piece began as part of a collage series that I was working on last summer. I was going in the direction of storytelling as art or a scrapbooking style of collage. When I began making this piece I smooshed some various colors onto a canvas panel surface. These colors were leftover colors that I had in my paint box and I was trying to get them used up so that I could close the lid on my paint box. Sometimes you simply get too many colors in your inventory and at that time it becomes crazy...at least for me it does.

I was using up some greens, golds, and pinks and after smooshing them around, I had to pick out a theme of some sort. So I started basing it upon art and creating, and while I was collaging pieces onto the surface and building a story I found myself being transported back in time by about 30 years. That's when I pulled out a black marker and began writing what I was thinking about and the whole direction of the piece changed. I had to paint over some of the things about art that I had added, but this piece was really speaking to me and guiding me in this direction so I knew it was the right thing to do.

This is the story of 4 friends that became very close and shared many adventures together in Colorado in the 80's. We laughed, loved, shopped, played, ate, and grew together during those years. Only 2 of us are still living today, so I made this for my sweet friend, Ann.

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