Friday, December 28, 2012

Jimi Hendrix

This morning I felt like a member of The Walking Dead, so I needed something to get the blood pumping and the creative juices flowing. Nothing like a little Jimi Hendrix...put his CD in and have him screaming in my ears and in no time at all I am dancing like I'm possessed. A lot of memories come flooding back from that time period of my life when we worshiped the Rock Gods like Jimi. Free Love was all the rage due to the birth control pill (and prior to AIDS) so we were all like a bunch of heathens and barbarians. Man it was fun!!!!!

This shot is of Bottle Babe #3, which is in progress but not completely finished yet. She was supposed to be covered in Primitive designs, however when I began putting them onto her body it quickly went into Burlesque so that is the evolution of this one. She fits beautifully with this Jimi Hendrix music...some of his songs even had a Burlesque beat to them. I adored this man and his music. It was a horrible loss to all of us when he took his last breath. I'm glad that he left his music behind for us to enjoy. Even the movie Rainbow Bridge that featured footage of him and his music after his death was quite a tribute to the man. Jimi wherever you are....thank you!!!

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