Sunday, May 5, 2013

Calla Lily

Another of my 6 x 6" oil paintings on panel.

Photo is a bit blurry online, but you get the gist! I have been thinking about flowers lately and started a couple new pieces with flowers in them. They weren't going well, so I pitched them and have started a third one. Sometimes it takes more than one attempt......


  1. I absolutely love calla lilies... they are my favorite flower ♥
    Oh I hate it when something doesn't go right... I end up painting over and over but it is harder when using oils :oP

    1. Martha, I took dozens of photos of Callas when I lived in LA. They are all over the place out there! This particular shot was taken along the road up in Big of the most beautiful areas in the world IMHO.

      I haven't been doing oils lately...been using acrylics. Normally, I just redo them but this year I am not pleased with my output so far. It's just another of those artistic temperament phases, you know?