Monday, February 11, 2013

On the Table

This is one of the new pieces that I am working on.

I'm on my way to the hardware store today to get some materials that I need to develop a new idea that I had last week. My Bottle Babe series was initially created to be vases or candle holders, but now I have another possibility in mind. It could take me several weeks to work this out, but in the meantime.....


  1. I love it when inspiration strikes! Have fun developing! Can't wait to see the result.

  2. has been cancelled. I won't be getting a single thing accomplished today except in my mind. The body is doing something else and not following my orders. I'm detoxing....nothing to worry about, but it's painful.

  3. JUST CHECKIN' in on you!! This is pretty cool, dang! You have the greatest ideas!

    I sure hope that you are feeling better. Less pain!


    1. Thanks, Cherie! You are a sweetie.

      I think I need to get some smaller balls to follow thru on this idea of mine. I tried working on the smallest one yesterday, and it was too big.