Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Universe Series and Frog Series

Several years ago, I was really grooving on crossing from one universe to another and sharing my experiences with others. The old Moody Blues tune, Out and In, plays through my head on occasion and I was attempting to express that viewpoint with others when I was working on this series.

A completely different series came into play in 2002. These whimsical frogs burst forth and began a life of their own. Many of the pieces in this series were created about members of my family. You should have seen my Dad's face when he first saw Big Al, which was made about him. And my friend, Louise, was over the moon happy when she saw Beezer for the first time, which I had made in her honor. Since then, both my Dad and Louise have died, along with several other people in my Frog series, but their stories will live on and on......

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